What do you choose to see?

A common expression that we have often heard – “Is the glass half empty or half full?” is used rhetorically to see whether a person is an optimist (to see a half full cup) or a pessimist (to see a half empty cup). This morning as I was driving back after dropping my girl in school, I took this picture and it got me thinking about how we choose to see people and situations will shape our perspectives and how that will affect our responses to situations.

To me, a hump ahead is a reminder to slow down and it is not an obstacle to stop me from going forward. In fact, I do appreciate the hump as it forces me to slow down because it is a ‘to be careful zone’.

Many times we are handicapped by preconceived fear and unfounded worries base on our perspectives of life and environment. If we can change our thinking slightly, look at a situation slightly differently, we would be surprised at how our responses would change our behaviours. Not all seemingly negative things are bad, they have their places to develop us to be better and stronger.