Coaching is a method used to help individuals, groups and organizations to address challenges and achieve goals.  This method is effective to address specific challenges and to enable learning to take place at the same time. Coaches do not provide the solutions but their primary role is to guide you through the process to achieve what is truly important to you.

At 5hue, we are guided by the following coaching framework.


1. Establish the coach-coachee relationship to assess if you are ready for coaching and to work out the most comfortable way to partner together.


2. Develop a mutually-agreed coaching contract, including your role and of the coach, ground rules for working together, frequency of meetings, confidentiality, etc.


3. Work with you to create and agree on achievable coachee-centered goals as the desired outcome.




4. Engage in a series of meetings (face-to-face and/or phone calls) including ongoing questions, affirmations, feedback, accountabilities etc to identify relevant and realistic actions that you can take to achieve the goals and to learn at the same time.


5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching session, mid-point and at the end of the coaching project.

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