Reaching out is NOT a sign of weakness

I followed this stranger during one of my morning walks on a nature trail as the forest is dense and I was scare to walk alone.  I tried to keep up with his pace and yet keep a distance in case he thought I was ‘stalking’ him. 

He kept on walking and I kept on following till I reached the summit of the hill. Sometimes we need some help to bring us to somewhere and the help could be a mentor, a peer, a network system, or just some passive form of help.

Reach out when you need help, it is not a sign of weakness or one’s incompetence.  In fact, it is one of the ways to survive and to get stronger and one day, you will be that guiding light for someone as a form of paying forward. 

Thank you stranger.  Without you, I would not know that that particular route leads me to the destination that I was hoping to reach.  Now I am bringing my friends to walk that route and enjoying the beautiful nature.