Developing the Essential Resilience to be Relevant

The wake-up call from the pandemic is loud and clear.  The cliché ‘change is the only constant’ has hit home harder these days.  Are you in a strong position to stay relevant in the months to come when your life and work are slowly resuming to the new norm?

Join us as we hear from our panel of speakers: Dr Chris Fong, Mr Christopher Tan and Mr Edwin Sim who will share their personal experiences as well as how they have helped individual clients to assess their capacity to face life transitions through building resilience in three areas: Psychological Resilience, Financial Resilience and Employability Resilience.

Panel of Speakers:

Dr Chris Fong, Organisational Psychologist

Dr Christopher Fong was an award-winning Orchestra Conductor and Music Director in the States for 10 years before he came back to Singapore in 2002.  He will share about his personal transition and how he launched into his mid-career switch to the field of Psychology and found his second calling. 

In his over 20 years of holding several senior consulting portfolios and now as a coach and mentor, he has helped many top executives to work through milestone changes in their loves.  Dr Fong will also share how one can build psychological resilience by recalibrating one’s priorities so that one can cope with changes positively.

Profile of Dr Christopher Fong:

Mr Christopher Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Providend

Mr Christopher Tan is the CEO of Providend and Executive Director of MoneyOwl.  Chris will share his personal journey on how he survived three crises while building his career and how he managed to turnaround his business within a short span of six months. 

In his professional capacity, he has more than two decades of experiences in the wealth management and financial planning industry in which he helped countless high net-worth individuals in protecting their wealth.  Chris’ personal conviction is that money should not be a goal but an enabler to our goals.  He will share the how-to to build financial resilience so that one’s life decisions can be supported by the financial decisions instead of the other way round. 

Profile of Mr Christopher Tan:

Mr Edwin Sim, Founder of 5hue Pte Ltd

Mr Sim prefers to be known as a solopreneur rather than an entrepreneur.  He took a huge leap of faith in 2010 to forgo the security of a well-paid career to being on his own to pursue his passion.  In his more than 10 years as a facilitator, coach and mentor, he has helped many individuals to get better clarity in their personal and professional goals to improve one’s performance.

Since the circuit breaker, Edwin has been connecting with his clients and friends and he has discovered a critical area that one has to start resetting one’s thinking.   That is to move from an employee mindset to a “self-employed” mindset. It is no longer good enough to sell one’s time, skills and service, one has to start creating value in order to build one’s employability resilience to cope with the new set of demands and challenges at the workplace.  Are you an essential or discretionary ‘commodity’ in your role?

Profile of Mr Edwin Sim: