3rd LFH Series virtual learning session!

3rd 5hue LFH Series – Happiness Advantage in Disruptive Times

For the afternoon topic – ‘Happiness Advantage in Disruptive Times’, we invited our partner, Gene Kok from MindTRAC who is based out of Kuala Lumpur to lead this learning session.

We learnt about how happiness can be our competitive advantage and this is based on Shawn Achor’s research on Positive Psychology and learning from the Orange Frog Fable. One of our participants won for himself an orange frog soft toy so that he could remind himself that he can be different from the ‘green frogs’ around him.

We got to practise a simple activity “3 Gratitude” that could retrain our minds to be more positive. All of us agreed that we have blindspots that tend to make us focus on the other person’s weaknesses instead of appreciating the person’s strengths.

To be happy is an intentional choice that we can make.

Last LFH Series:
1.Developing a Growth Mindset, 6 May @ 2pm

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Edwin Sim
Learning Strategist