DISC Behavioural System

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DISC is a straight-forward and easy to understand system used to measure people’s behaviour. It is based on the works of Willaim Marslow and very widely adopted by organizations that value effective teamwork in their teams.

Most often used in team settings, the DISC helps users to observe tendencies and preferences of self and others to enhance interpersonal relationships through adapting one’s behaviourial style to achieve win-win outcomes when working with others.

What does it measure

The DISC attempts to understand behaviour of people in these 4 areas:

ominance – measures how a person solves problems and responds to challenges.

Influence – measures how a person attempts to persuade others.

Steadiness – measures the pace at which a person responds to change.

Compliance – measures how a person responds to rules and regulations set by others.

It is important to note that these 5 factors interact with each other dynamically and not independently when it comes to understanding personalities.

Benefits of the DISC

The DISC uses approach and construct that is easy to understand and apply. It is very useful for:

  • Improving communication effectiveness
  • Managing and resolving conflicts
  • Creating win-win outcomes between people
  • Effective stakeholder management
  • Improving teamwork